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Schwimmwagen (128,166)

PRICE: 3190PLN (694.5EUR)

Roof for the Schwimmwagen type 166. Made from canvas and artificial leather.

Available colors:

  • Type 1 – black canvas with dark grey edges- 1942, early 1943 model
  • Type 2 – black canvas with send edges – 1943 model
  • Type 3 – send canvas with dark grey edges – 1943 model
  • Type 4 – send canvas with sand edges – late 1943, 1944 model

All of our tarpaulins are delivered ready-to-install. They include metal fittings, straps and wooden slats, which should be attached to the roof frame above the windshield frame. The tarpaulins also include the necessary screws and backings.

Our tarpaulins have eyes riveted at intervals of 275 mm (Kubeleagen) or 240 mm (Schwimmwagen).

If your car has an original body and roof frame, you won’t have any problem installing the tarpaulins.

All of our products are produced based on original technical diagrams.