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VW Kubelwagen type 82

A proper restoration process requires attention to detail, not only in terms of the quality of the restoration, but also in terms of compliance with factory specifications. The Kubelwagen presented here has been restored to a condition that required a huge amount of effort. We comprehensively restored the bodywork  by supplementing existing original sheet metal work,  rather than inserting whole new sections. We also took an uncompromising approach to its mechanics, so that after its overhaul, this car can now be regularly driven  and over considerable distances , trouble free.

Despite its extensive restoration , there is not the slightest deviation from the factory specification. A 1940 Kubelwagen and a 1945 Kubelwagen are the same vehicles to the layman, but to us they are two completely different vehicles. When commissioning us to overhaul such a car, the customer can be sure that we will not take shortcuts anywhere during the work. The expertise and experience we have gained over the years also includes extensive documentation, thanks to which we know exactly what a car with a given body number should look like, even down to the smallest details.