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VW Beetle type 92

To many it was just a wreck, but we took on the challenge of restoring this car. The very poor state of preservation meant a complex multi-stage restoration and time-consuming bodywork. The final result, however, rewarded our long labours. Due to the nature of these vehicles, in addition to  our physical work, our intimate knowledge of this vehicle type proved invaluable. As we have seen elsewhere that many of these cars are incorrectly restored due to a lack of information about what the car originally looked like and its exact original specification.

As with the other cars that we have rebuilt, this KdF has been brought to an excellent state of repair. Visual issues, also in places that are not visible at first glance, are extremely important to us. But during the restoration, we also verify the wear and tear of components with care, looking for damage on them. Components whose condition is within the factory tolerance guidelines are reused once they have been fully restored.

Maintaining original structure wherever possible is one of our guiding principles, so our in-depth knowledge of the underlying original structure in less accessible areas of the vehicle  is as important as the more obviously visible vehicle parts.