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We deal comprehensively with Volkswagens manufactured during the Second World War, as well as those manufactured before 1957. We produce even the smallest parts for them. But we also carry out complete vehicle restorations, both bodywork and mechanical. We even undertake this for severely damaged, incomplete cars. In addition to this, our business also includes small repairs and component overhauls and specialist services.

Comprehensive overhauls

Uncompromising. Such are the renovations we carry out on the oldest Volkswagens. We begin each restoration by painstakingly dismantling the vehicle, cataloguing the parts. We then carefully sandblast the body and chassis, and the same goes for many mechanical parts. We carry out a verification of the condition of the metalwork. All this is done so that we can focus on the main objective – to restore the structure where necessary and, above all, to preserve as much of the original steel as possible. We are very proud of the craftsmanship we have developed over the years in combining old, original steel with new.

The next stage is the refurbishment of the mechanical components. We take care of each part, even the smallest one, meticulously by cleaning, measuring and checking for damage and wear. Components that fall within the original factory tolerance guidelines will be reused. Other parts are replaced with other original or remanufactured parts. Of course, any salvageable components are restored to full working order by our qualified specialists. It is also possible to search for original parts using our extensive network of contacts worldwide. Finally, we are also able to reproduce missing parts ourselves. If something was produced in the past, we are also able to produce it today. This was the case, for example, with the prototype Schwimmwagen Type 128, which we restored for the Grundmann family. Even the original steering wheel was missing at this vehicle and we created a perfect replica just for this project.

The same rigorous level of work applies to vehicle bodywork preparation, its painting and finishing. Here, too, we adhere strictly to the original, but unlike the workers assembling your vehicle seven decades ago on the production line we are able to afford much greater accuracy. Using samples of the original upholstery, canvas and vinyl we have recreated these materials. Although the vehicles we have restored have been finished quite spartanly we take the same in-depth approach to finishing the cabins in accordance with the original as we did in the earlier stages of the work. We recreated elements such as seat covers or roofs using the original technical drawings. Therefore our customers don’t need to worry about conformity to the original standards.

The final stage of renovation requires a great deal of attention and precision. The assembly is carried out with the greatest care and all major components are tested repeatedly. The electrical, running, brake and drive systems must be in full working order. Many of our customers treat our rebuilt vehicles like works of art, but even if they do not intend to drive them we want them to be 100% operational. It is in this condition that Second World War Volkswagens go from us to our customers.

Parts production

We are in the business of manufacturing components because we want every owner of a KdF-era or an early post-war Volkswagen to be able to enjoy the full performance of their car. The parts we manufacture are fully in line with the factory documentation. We make no compromises, no simplifications at the stage of their production. After production, the quality of the parts is checked in detail. You will find all our manufactured components in our catalogue.

Component repairs

We can also, of course, refurbish any of the components of Volkswagens from the KdF era and those manufactured up to 1957. We have the factory documentation and even the most specialised tools.

Other services

In addition to the aforementioned services, we are also able to copy and make exclusive parts on special order. We carry out even the most unusual orders. We have our own conventional lathes, milling machines, hydraulic press, tig and mig/mag welding and brazing machines, spot welders, two cabinet blasters, a fully equipped workshop.


Getting your vehicle to us is a problem for you? We are happy to help – we find the best and safest transport methods for our customers. What’s more, we can also offer our own transportation. We adapt to deadlines, no location is a problem for us. We always try to keep transport costs affordable and the whole procedure fully transparent.