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KdF Beetle (60L,92,82e)

The full lists of products we manufacture can be found below. We have list parts under the specific vehicle to make it easier for you to locate the components you require. In every case, we endeavor to supply products that meet both of the fundamental requisites of our customers: parts of the highest quality that are as faithful as is possible to the original parts.
We also offer reconditioned parts from wartime VWs (Pictures of finished work can be found in the gallery) that have been tested for wear and tolerances. Once the part has passed these tests, we restore it in-house before offering it for sale.

We are here to help!
Should you have any questions in relation to components for your vehicle we are happy to try and help and answer your questions. If the parts you require are not listed it does not mean we are not able to find it! We have a network of contacts we can call upon to help find extremely rare and hard to find components and are happy to try and locate that elusive piece you need.

Follow us on Facebook.
We highly suggest you follow us on Facebook. In today’s world, social media offers instant updates on what we are working on, new products and the latest finds we made. Please add www.facebook.com/ww2vw to your list.

To summarize how to order from us and how we do business:
The most straightforward way of placing an order is as follows:
– You email us with a part name and description taken from our catalogue.
– We will reply by email confirming the availability, cost of the parts, the cost of postage/shipping and invoicing,
– The moment have the finished product in stock, we will issue you with an invoice
– You transfer the amount due to our bank account in Euro or via PayPal
– We dispatch the order.

Note: all prices are net prices, and do not include 23% VAT, which will be charged on all clients within the EU. VAT is not charged on exports outside the EU!

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