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We have two passions. The first one – wartime and early post-war Volkswagens. The second one is perfectionism.

We specialise in complex restorations and the production of parts for Volkswagens manufactured up to 1957, particularly those dating from the Second World War. We are both passionate but professional at the same time. Attention to every detail, even the smallest one, is a principle from which we make no exceptions. We do not take shortcuts, we always stick to the original and preserve as much of it as we can. The original is the most important thing for us; all our work is subordinated to it. And we often come to work on cars that have not been restored since they left the KdF factory.

We are a small business manufacturing with traditional techniques and craftsmanship, we treat each client individually. We offer full insight into each stage of our work and our clients can rest assured that we will meet the agreed deadlines. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, we also use period service instruments and highly specialised ones built by us for specific tasks. You will find detailed information on refurbishments and our services in the offer section.

Our many years of experience, craftsmanship and the reverence with which we refurbish vehicles have been appreciated by the most distinguished collectors from all over the world, including the Grundmann family, Dr. Richard Hausmann, The Wheatcroft Collection and the owners of many other private collections. Our customers trust us so much that the oldest existing civilian KdF Type 60 from 1941 and the oldest prototype Schwimmwagen Type 128, among others, have come to us for comprehensive restorations. We also undertake work on rare post-war Volkswagens, such as the Type 14A Hebmüller Cabriolet.

Our passion and many years of experience in the subject of KdF-era Volkswagens has allowed us to accumulate extremely valuable knowledge. We do not want to hide it from other enthusiasts of these rare vehicles. We are able to help you search for the rarest parts, just contact us.

Jacek Krajewski
Owner of WW2VW