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Cars/parts for sale

If you have either parts relating to KdF era VWs but up to 1945 we offer a unique advertising service in order to help you find the right end user for your rare parts.
This service is offered free of any charge. However, if our advertising service provides you with a sale, we feel it is fair to suggest you make a donation to us. We will not ask for a figure, we are one family and so any donation you feel is right, is right!
To place an advert with us is very simply; email information of the parts or car you wish to sell along with some good quality photographs. Include your contact details: email and telephone number with international Country Code to jacek@ww2vw.com

The only rule is if you use our advertising service you must inform me when if you have not made a sale within 3 months. If we do not hear from you we the advert will be deleted.
If you have a successful sale of you parts or car, we require notice of the sale so we can remove the advert to save potential buyers wasting their time.

1943 Kubelwagen type 82
Original 1943 Kubelwagen for sale. Original war time engine. Very original body and many parts. Original WH licence plate on the front! Driving condition. Restored at the times when repro parts were not available! Location:: Poland Asking price: SOLD! Owner email: z.luczkow@gmail.com  ...
Kubelwagen type 82 from 1943
For sale very original, professionally restored Kubelwagen type 82 from 1943 Original chassis, front axle, gearbox, engine 24,5 Hp (original Wartime Kubelwagen engine) Original body with genuine engine and trunk lids and all doors. Genuine speedometer, dashboard, steering wheel. Some items still in original color as gas tank. Correct early style headlights, as all other lighting. ...